Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Software

Business Phone System Applications

Your telephone rings and your PC shows who is calling.

CTI Computer Telephony Integration is the missing link betweeen your communications system and your business applications. IP Office supports the open CTI standards. This means that a wide range of third-party solutions can gain access to IP Office. For example, vertical solutions that help you meet industry requirements.


The most common applications you'll use with the Avaya CTI will be screen popping from application databases, calling from screen etc.  CTI is incredibly effective and if you're using ACT, Salesforce, MOC etc you should really be using the Avaya CTI technology.

CTI Solutions for Avaya IP Office

CTI Link Lite

CTI Link Pro

Free, supports all required functions for a range of applications, including screen-popping and many third-party products.

Supports advanced features including the option to control several telephones and access to call centre operations.

CTI Example

You may have a custom program or database you use to store customers information. Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) allows the phone system to see information in this database and react to it to make it more seamless for your staff; let's say you have a customers name and number in the database.  TAPI will see an incoming call and find if you already know that person.  If you do it will present their name on screen.

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