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Our family of high speed IP connectivity services connects you directly to the next-generation national network and to the internet, enabling them to meet your ever-increasing bandwidth needs and allowing you to take full advantage of the full range of cloud-based services.

Business Broadband Connectivity Solutions


Traditional broadband, known as ADSL2+ (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is delivered via copper telephone lines. According to Ofcom, download speeds for ADSL2+ average 9.7Mbps. ADSL2+ is the widest available broadband option in the country.

Fibre (FTTC)

Currently available to over two thirds of the UK, FTTC Fibre broadband is the next generation of broadband and offers a faster and more reliable service than ADSL as it uses different technology – fibre optic cable. Fibre broadband currently averages download speeds of 55. 3Mbps


Assured Broadband is a dedicated IP circuit into your business which delivers guaranteed voice calls of the highest quality. It is a specialist broadband product supporting our first class IP telephony services and includes everything you need: a router, a business-grade broadband connection and the IP telephony service. Additionally it also offers optional capacities of between 5 and 15 concurrent calls.

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