Head-hunting the best in the business

Head-hunting the best in the business

A company is only as good as its people. That’s why incovo has invested heavily in recruitment over the past two years, head-hunting the best in the business to ensure our customers get the very highest levels of service. But it’s not just our employees’ knowledge and experience that landed them each a role at incovo. We’re big believers in long-term client relationships, so we only ever take on team members that share our down-to-earth, personable approach. Because that’s what makes incovo different – we’re not a faceless multi-national, we’re a local company that’s made up of passionate individuals, who each bring their unique strengths and personalities to the table. And we continue to recognise and reward each one of them by investing in their ongoing training.

If you’re yet to meet some of our new faces, here’s a little bit about what makes each one such an asset to our team. They each have a different background, but one thing that unites them all is their bright future at incovo.

Chris Thomas, CEO
Chris took on the role of CEO at the age of just 19 and within two short years has already revolutionised incovo. He has big plans for the future the organisation, and he has no doubt that incovo has got what it takes to become Scotland’s largest independent telecommunications and print solutions provider.
Where he sees himself in one year: ‘My goal is for incovo to be the very best in the Scottish tech market, serving more customers that join and growing our in house team. I know this change and growth would have made my father incredibly proud, and for me, that’s what this is ultimately all about.’

Andy Taylor, Operations Director
Andy’s previous role was as managing Director of Simple Digital, which stood him in good stead for taking on his role as Operations Director at incovo. He’s got 26 years of experience under his belt and he’s known for being one of the top experts in the industry. Within just months of joining incovo he made his mark by bringing new leasing companies on board and securing a partnership with market-leader HP, all while managing our sales and marketing team. Andy is a forward-thinker and it is his vision to see incovo gain in reputation for services such as Wi-Fi and paperless document management software.
Where he sees himself in one year: ‘I’m confident that in a year’s time we will have expanded our customer base even further and I’ll be managing yet more partner relationships, as well as managing our growing consultancy team.’

Craig Beveridge, Head of Voice and Data

Craig has extensive voice and data experience – over 35 years in fact, and he’s project managed global contact centre installations covering 3535 users over 7 sites! Today, Craig focuses on leading a team of 6 skilled engineers during the project phase as he manages the delivery of all telephony, IT, door entry and cabling related installation projects and is constantly updating his vast product knowledge.
Where he sees himself in one year: ‘I’ll continue to head up the Project Management and Engineering Teams, passing on my years of knowledge to a great team of hard-working happy people. I’m excited about the year ahead and managing a larger team of engineers as our customer list grows. I’m also looking forward to getting stuck into the bigger, more complex projects we’ve got in the pipeline.’

Jim Matheson, Finance Director

Jim is our trusted company Finance Director, with an incredible 40 years of finance and business experience. He has an eye for detail and is a strategic planner, ensuring the company’s financial side are in safe hands.
Where he sees himself in one year: ‘One year from now, incovo will have a larger dedicated team to manage the various elements of finance within the organisation which will continue to prosper as a debt-free and profitable business.’

Erin Thomson, Helpdesk Manager
Erin manages our helpdesk platform, the place where existing customers log faults, request a move, or ask technical queries. Erin logs all the tasks and distributes them to the appropriate engineer or manager. Erin has a fantastic work ethic; day in and day out, she is never short of enthusiasm and she is also a perfectionist! Oh, and her customer service is second-to-none.
Where she sees herself in one year: ‘My goal is for our customer service to be the best in the industry. As we are growing in the market, I aim for my knowledge of products and services to grow with incovo, so that I can offer our customers first-hand support and assistance.’

Jamie Bell, Imaging Service Manager
Jamie has over 26 years’ experience in servicing customer photocopier faults. Jamie is now managing our front-line field engineers, installations and our machines in the field, utilising remote management software to monitor service and replacement part parameters. With a wealth of technical experience, what he doesn’t know about print isn’t worth knowing!
Where he sees himself in one year: ‘We have a fantastic team of ambitious staff at incovo, all with a hunger to succeed! I’ll be running even more busy service departments this time next year.’

Scott Foster, Engineer
Nicknamed ‘Rambo’ following his time in the military services, Scott now has nearly 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He excels in SME, frontline telephony fault-finding, troubleshooting and fixing customer faults.
Where he sees himself in one year: ‘I aim to be out fault-finding telecoms systems every day of the week, passing my knowledge over to new engineers so that we are a force to be reckoned with.’