incovo unveils new partnership with HP

incovo unveils new partnership with HP

When it comes to providing printing solutions, incovo strives to be the best. So it’s essential to us that we only ever partner with brands that share our passion and meet our high standards. Thankfully, we found our match in the leading brand, HP, and we’re delighted to announce that our partnership deal is now officially sealed.

Speaking about the new partnership, Neil Sawyer, Commercial HP Channel Director for UK and Ireland commented; ‘HP are delighted to be partnering with incovo. The team at incovo encapsulate the DNA and business spirit that HP was founded on. With a rich vein of entrepreneurial spirit and the commitment to deliver unrivalled customer service, we are excited about our future business partnership together’.

Read on to find out why HP stood out from the competition, and what this means for you and your business…

A shared vision

When incovo and HP came together it was a meeting of minds. HP believes in creating technology that makes life better for everyone and their goal is to effectively reinvent the way that you work. incovo is also driven by this – we believe in creating solutions for our customers that help their businesses run more smoothly, more efficiently and more productively.

Security is key

HP devices are amongst the world’s most secure printing devices, with five levels of security – from BIOS right through to network level.

Lower costs

Thanks to HP’s unwavering determination to push forward, their latest technological developments mean their devices consist of less moving parts, which quite simply means there is less to break or fail, and the overall cost is kept as low as possible. This is great news for businesses keeping an eye on their bottom line.

Saving energy

We’re all so much more clued up about climate change these days and most businesses are now trying to do their bit to help. Modern HP devices use considerably less energy which is better for your bills, and most importantly, it’s better for the planet too.

Great service, guaranteed

Teaming up with HP means incovo can provide even greater support to our customers, calling on our own team of in-house engineers plus the manufacturer’s engineers to offer a more extensive service.

See for yourself

If you’d like to see the latest HP products in action, call 0345 450 8400 and arrange a visit to our brand new demonstration suite in Glasgow. Or to find out more about HP, watch the video below.